The 8th PUIC Session will be held at the Friendship Hall, Khartoum.

The organizing committee will provide transportation to the participating delegations representing PUIC member States, as of January 16, 2013 until January 23, 2013, from the airport to hotels and back to the airport as well as from the hotels to the conference venue and back to hotels.


The host country will provide tea and coffee. Official invitations will also be extended.


Official languages of the Meetings are: Arabic, English and French. The Sudan Parliament will provide interpretation services to and from Arabic, English and French. All documents of the Meetings will be translated into these three languages and be distributed in the Meeting room.


There will be a liaison officer to assist delegates with regard to administrative and technical matters.


Technical secretariat will be set to supervise over PUIC business and other related Meetings. For a smooth running of the Meetings, a secretariat will also be set for the preparation of documents for delegates.
There will be an information office to print documents to delegates. The delegates who wish to submit documents concerning the Meetings can contact the technical secretariat, which will prepare official documents for distribution.


Bilateral meetings will be held at the venue of the Conference. Rooms must be booked for bilateral meetings through a private reservation form. Booking forms should be e-mailed to: and to: These rooms will be provided on a first offer demand. The rooms can be booked for bilateral meetings at a special office in the vicinity of these rooms. However, the time of a meeting should not take more than thirty minutes.


The Parliament of Sudan has arranged associated programs for the delegations to the Conference.


Delegates are requested to cooperate during security checks. At the entrances, all bags and personal belongings of delegates will be searched, with exception for the heads of delegations.


There are first-aid facilities at the venue of the Conference. Ambulance crews will work around the clock in all sites of events and the Conference venue. Other health services will be at the expense of participants. Participants will personally bear the costs of insurance against risk.


There will be a media center to cover the proceedings of the Conference. It will be equipped with computers and Internet services, medium-speed and high-speed photocopiers and a network of printers for laptops.


 The Sudan Parliamentary Group will provide an office for currency services.
The following are the exchange rates of foreign currencies against Sudanese Pound:
USA Dollar 		= 4,4090 Sudanese Pound
Sterling		= 7,0638 Sudanese Pound
Euro 			= 5,6850 Sudanese Pound



Phone services are available at hotels and the venue of the Meetings. There are pre-paid mobile phone scratch cards at the hotels and shops selling mobile phones.


Local calls: call directly
To connect to Sudan from abroad: international direct dialing (00249) + Khartoum code (183) + desired number.


 +249 9123 48616
+249 9121 38061
+249 9123 92589
+249 9129 42981

video about friendship hall